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Tech Tools

Check out this enormous collection of useful instructional technology tools for English/language arts, mathematics, homework & study skills, and much much more! Thank you Sharon Bittle for creating this Live Binder for easy access!  Also, scroll down to find Sharon’s Fav 5 videos that demonstrate some of the tools found in this Live Binder.

The Ultimate Word Games Guide

successfully turn a lesson into a game.  All of the word games listed are high-quality, free to use, and are hosted on sites that won’t drive you too crazy with incessant ad bombardment or dead links.

CARD Statewide Resources

CARDStatewide CARD resource page listing numerous state and national resources and online training modules on a variety of ASD-related topics, which is located at:

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Early Action Website

Center for Disease Control Early Action WebsiteLearn the Signs. Act early!

From birth to 5 years, your child should reach milestones in how he plays, learns, speaks, acts and moves. Track your child’s development and act early if you have a concern.

Click on the image or the link to access great information from the CDC.

Center for Assistive Special Technology (CAST) Universal Design for Learning Resources

A wealth of practical resources to support the implementation of Universal Design for Learning principles and guidelines in a district, school, or classroom.

Reading Resources

Math Resources

Miscellaneous Resources

Access all of Sharon Bittle’s videos demonstrating a variety of assistive technology and universal design for learning tools through her Live Binder.  In addition to general tools, there are those to support reading, writing, math, and organization/behavior!

Teacher Vision Classroom-ready lesson plans, printables, and resources.

E-Pals – A collaborative classroom.

Busy Teachers Website K12 – site addressing a wide variety of topics of relevance to teachers.

Educational Technology Clearinghouse – by subject, this site provides links to a variety of teaching resources.

Historic Places Lesson Plans – Teaching with Historic Places offers a series of classroom ready lesson plans for educators. Created by National Park Service interpreters, preservation professionals, and educators, these lessons use historic sites to examine developments throughout American history and across the country.

Accessible Instructional Materails (AIM) –

Accessible instructional materials, or AIM, are materials that are designed or converted in a way that makes them usable across the widest range of student variability regardless of format (print, digital, graphic, audio, video).

Access the National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials website:

Learn all the acronyms associated with AIM by accessing Sharon Bittle’s helpful video and/or handouts.

Video resource:

Handout: Alphabet Soup

Blindness Resource Center:

Pulse Pen –

FDLRS Fav 5 Presentations

Sharon Bittle’s video presentations of assistive and instruction technology resources

If you use a mobile device such as an iPad or an Android device, you may find these 5 apps that are reviewed interesting. Sharon Bittle, FDLRS Technology Consultant reviews Nearpod, Sock Puppets, Talking Tom, Oh No Fractions!, and Evernote.

Vocaroo – For students who have difficulty writing

Yummy Math – Real-life relevant math problems

Story Bird – Create, publish and share stories

Flisti – Easy to create online polls

Tag Galaxy – Write a word and it brings up related tags and pictures – great for visual learners

FDLRS Fav 5 for June 2012:  This video presentation demonstrates:

Big IQ Kids – Games, study aids, spelling lists, vocabulary

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online – student-friendly defintions

That Quiz – Quizzes in math & science

Brightstorm – Free videos that teach concepts and model problems

Read, Write, Think – highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction

FDLRS FAV 5 April 2012 – – Features:

Teacher Tube – A place to upload and download videos that are education based and accessible in schools.

Visuwords – Online graphic dictionary

Wonderopolis – A free site that addresses questions every day and gives students activities and extensions for writing.

PBS Kids games – Academically oriented games for grades Pre-K through 12

Sheppard Software – A multitude of games for all subject areas and grade levels

FDLRS Fav 5 February 2012 – Features:

Livebinders – Online tool for organizing and sharing information

Forvo – Great site for those learning about different languages

Penzu – Create a private personal journal and online diary

Quizlet – Create or find study cards

Khan Academy – Free videos for learning and practicing almost anything

FDLRS Fav 5 July 2011 Features:

Prezi – A free alternative to Power Point

Signed Stories – Stories with an audio track and signed presentation

Vocab Ahead – Primarily for secondary student.  Cartoon and stories representations of definitions

Cast Science Writer – Makes writing a science report easier

North Star Fablevision – Online books with audio option

FDLRS Fav 5 June 2011 – No link, but you can use a search engine to find the following.  Features:

Animoto – Turns videos and pictures (up to 12) into professional looking videos with music

Cramberry – Create and/or study notecards

Common Craft – Easy explanations for complex ideas

Schmoop – Free stuff to assist teachers and students to prepare for tests

AcapelaTV – Fun way to get student to think and write creatively