FDLRS Galaxy strives to keep parents updated on events in the community and strategies that to help children.  We strive to bring information to parents to keep them updated on events in their area and strategies that may help their children. For questions contact:

Lynda Ledlow: 1 772-429-4656 lynda.ledlow@stlucieschools.org

Sandra Akre at 1-772-429-4585 sandra.akre@stlucieschools.org

Parent Services is intended to:

            • Support development of Family Friendly Schools
            • Support for conflict resolution and collaborative communication skills and strategies for educators and parents
            • Support development of parenting skills and an understanding of disabilities, abilities, educational rights, due process procedures, education, developmental, and transitional needs
            • Support recruitment, development and maintenance of parent leaders to assume leadership roles at the local and state level
            • Support development of collaboration to leverage resources and outreach efforts.
              Parent Services Liaisons
            • Provide information, training, and support to districts and families, in order to promote effective parent participation in the education of children who are exceptional and/or have special needs.

Parent services include assistance in the development of family friendly programs, training and support for services for children with disabilities, and the support of partnerships between schools and parents to support student achievement.

Indian River County: Randall Hunt 1-772-564-6068 Randall.Hunt@indianriverschools.org

Okeechobee County: Wendy Coker 1-863-462-5000 ext 297 cokerw@okee.k12.fl.us

Martin County: Rebecca Conte 1-772-219-1200 ext 30192 contir@martin.k12.fl.us

St. Lucie County: Angela Guerin 1-772-429-4590 angela.guerin@stlucieschools.org

Lynda Ledlow, Parent Services Facilitator: 1-772-429-4656 lynda.ledlow@stlucieschools.org
Fax: 1-772-429-3622
Indian River, Martin County and Okeechobee call toll free 1-800-358-8525