Booster Club

Booster Club

Location: PSL JROTC H22


Booster club parents help develop ideas to raise money for the JROTC Battalion to pay for events such as field trips, Military ball, field day, and Raider camp out. Email ideas to First Sergeant Pollino at:






We release the new calendar information and events that are coming up at the booster club meeting.

On May, 4th, 2019 the JROTC program held their end of the year field day which consisted of different sports and activities such as Jag ball, Soccer, and Capture the Guidon. After the sports activities, we announced the wining company. The booster club parents then provided a Barbecue lunch for the participating cadets. Last off we had everyone fall into formation outside to recognize the seniors and announce staff positions for the 2019-2020 school year.

Booster ClubBooster Club


Next Booster Club Meeting:

April 1st – Booster Club Meeting(6:30pm)

May 6th – Booster Club Meeting(6:30pm)

Thank you for supporting our Cadets!!


Upcoming Events:

April 17th – O’Reilly’s Car Wash

April 19th – Beginning of Raider Practice

April 21st – Change of Command

April 28th – Early Release

May 1st – Field Day

May 5th – OCB




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