Southport Middle School

As of 2018 the Port St. Lucie High School’s JROTC program has started to collaborate with Southport Middle School to recruit young members for the following year, and teach them what JROTC is all about. Jrotc has been working with Southport Administration to schedule times where we can bring cadets to show the 8th graders the opportunities JROTC offers, and what to expect as a cadet enrolled in the program.


Southport Middle School    This is the first Southport honor guard we did. It was for their first carnival of the year, and the students had the opportunity to see some of the cadets that are in the program. The students had the chance to interact with some of their friends from JROTC, and this encouraged the students to want to join the program next year. We are so thrilled to have the chance to work with Southport because we know most of the students attend Port Saint Lucie high school after graduation. We want to give them a head start of becoming the leaders of tomorrow.



Raiders Teaching



JROTC cadets were selected to go to Southport Middle school to go through four rotations with the Southport Middle Schoolstudents: planks, sit-ups, push-ups, and jumping jacks. Furthermore, they teach students how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Then, we have four teams go against each other in a game of tug o’ war. At the end of the event, they give a tropical smoothie gift card to one male and female who they thought participated the most.



The job that Jrotc program and Cadet Sergeant First Class Lewiston are looking to do, is show these students that they can be more then what they want if they push themselves. The days we volunteer at Southport are not just to give a helping hand, but to also inspire these students to be their best selves.